"The Commission proposes to reform the energy market to empower consumers and enable them to be more in control of their choices when it comes to energy."
European Commission, Communication on 'Clean Energy For All Europeans'

GOFLEX aims at increasing the integration of renewables by applying smart grid technologies to make existing energy flexibilities usable for the grid. Therefore the GOFLEX solution is tested at three European demonstration sites in Germany, Switzerland and Cyprus involving over 400 prosumers from industry, buildings and transport:



Demonstration Site in Wunsiedel, Germany
The Wunsiedel area together with its main utility company SWW Wunsiedel GmbH have set themselves the joint goal of fully meeting the energy needs of both residential and commercial customers with 100% renewable and regionally produced energy.

Demonstration Site in Nicosia, Cyprus
At the GOFLEX demonstration site in Cyprus, the GOFLEX team aims at testing the microgrid case of a university, exploring the offered flexibility by the public sector.

Demonstration Site in Valais, Switzerland
In Valais, the GOFLEX teams aims at optimising the balance for the distribution system operator to reduce corrective costs and use demand-side management to reduce peak loads on the distribution grid, thus reducing the need of upgrading the infrastructure in areas where decentralized PV production is increasing.